Как ВАДА заработала миллиард на допинге

30 сентября 2016 16:32

Появилась информация, что родственники нынешнего президента ВАДА (Крейг Коллинз Риди) в период с зимы 2015 до осени 2016 года получили почти миллиард долларов на счета подконтрольных им фирм. Эта огромная сумма переводилась частями.

Самое интересное, что денежные переводы сделаны почти в те же дни, когда под различными предлогами спортсменам разрешали употреблять запрещенные ВАДА препараты.

Например, действующей чемпионке по маунтинбайку перед Олимпийскими играми в Рио разрешили принимать наркотический анальгетик, потому что врач поставил ей диагноз «синдром дефицита внимания».

По ее выступлениям до олимпиады видно, что без допинга победить в Рио она не смогла бы.

А вот отличный пример того, как развели на деньги кенийских спортсменов.
5 апреля комитет, надзирающий за соблюдением кодекса ВАДА, признал, что антидопинговое агентство Кении (ADAK) нарушает правила, так как в их стране не приняты соответствующие законы.

Несмотря на то, что в апреле парламент Кении принял необходимые поправки, 12 мая на заседании ВАДА было принято решение исключить антидопинговое агентство Кении.

Кенийские спортсмены не должны были допускаться к олимпиаде в Рио, однако, 4 августа Кению удалили из списка стран не соответствующих всемирному антидопинговому кодексу.

Что же послужило причиной изменения решения, если на тот момент в Кении больше никаких законов не принимали?

Все просто. Как только на счета родственников Крейга Риди была переведена большая сумма денег, проблемы Кении сразу решились.

Без приключений не обошлось. Глава кенийской делегации был вынужден внезапно улететь из Рио во время олимпиады из-за подозрений в оказании помощи по сокрытию допинг-нарушений.

Кстати, кенийцы завоевали в Рио 13 медалей (6 золотых, 6 серебряных, 1 бронзовую).

Перечисленные выше махинации нам наглядно показывают, что спорт — это бизнес. Побеждает здесь тот, кто больше платит. Спасибо Крейгу Риди.

Оригинал текста:

Family members of the WADA chief Craig Reedy may have received nearly a billion dollars in the 1.5 years to the accounts of companies controlled by them from international sports federations or structures close to the sports federations. Dates of transactions correlate with the dates when the WADA approved doping for individual athletes from those federations, Federal News Agency (FAN) reports from New York.

Earlier, a source from a big international IT-company told FAN that WADA had sent an appeal to several IT companies with a request to find roots of hacking the ADAMS database. The agency had promised “a fare wage” for this work. At the same time, the same source said that in reality FNA ADAMS hacking was a myth initially available via password, it suddenly became available for all users. And as soon as it became available, the data was downloaded by hundreds or even thousands of network users. FAN reporter tried to get a comment from WADA officials. According to official statements of the WADA ADAMS database was hacked by a hacker group Fancy Bear. The agency links them to Tsar Team and APT28 hacker groups allegedly associated with the Russian government. Unfortunately, the repeated calls of our reporter to the WADA office, as well as written requests remained unanswered.

And here’s a new turnabout in a story about the WADA activity. British sports administrator Craig Reedy, head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), as well as members of his family, could have had a material interests in granting permits for use of doping to athletes of several international sports federations, WADA told FAN employee, who asked to remain unidentified. This is the second source which comes to our Agency with information on the shadow of the WADA activity.

FAN source contacted the editors by writing us an e-mail. He proved himself sending us some original documents that we do not consider necessary to publish.

The source Later suggested an appointment in New York in a cafe “Caltz delicatessen” Houston Street, 205 for providing us additional information. He told he chose this place, because it is always crowdy and there are no cameras and he doesn’t want to be identified.

FAN reporter had been waiting for the source in this cafe for several hours, because the meeting was delayed a few times. Finally a man came into “Caltz delicatessen”, who forbade to describe himself and fix the conversation with a camera or voice recorder. We also do not tell the date of the meeting – it took place in September, and that’s all we can report.

The source informed that he possesses incontestable evidence showing that Rosemary Reedie, spouse of Kreig Reedie, as well as his relatives, from winter 2015 to fall 2016 received almost one billion dollars on accounts of the associated companies.
According to the source, this huge amount of money was transferred by tranches in exact correlation with the approval of the doping use in the calendar period for athletes of American, British and other sports federations, and with solutions to problems of national structures of WADA.

As for motives source said: “I want a transparent investigation of WADA activities. I appealed to the American and British press, but they refuse to publish this information, citing to the lacking of proof. I have those files, but yet I’m not ready to present them, because other people may be affected then. I’ve read your article about fake hacking of the ADAMS and I can say that it does correspond to reality. Furthermore, WADA is now looking for information about leakage channel that said that ADAMS was not hacked.

Regarding the money transaction, I do not believe in coincidences. In spring, WADA allowed some of the athletes to use drugs, and then Reedie”s associates got millions of dollars. The same happens in summer. There are over 10 such “coincidences”. I hope for the international investigation after your publication that will reveal the proof of both bank transfers and the reasons of the money transactions. I don’t doubt about those reasons because I know how this money, that is allegedly used to support “clean sport”, was transferred and who was the recipient.

Federal News Agency gave the situation with the Kenyan athletes as object lesson. On April 5, 2016, at a specially convened WADA meeting in Montreal, the Compliance Review Committee (CRC) ,the special committee that supervise the observance of the WADA Code, admitted that the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) violates the rules since the necessary legislation not been adopted in the country.

In April, the Parliament of Kenya urgently adopted the necessary amendments, but on May 12 the WADA Foundation Board decided to exclude ADAK from the World Anti-Doping Agency. “WADA Compliance Committee unanimously decided that Kenya doesn’t comply with the WADA Code and the rules of the organization. This solution will have immediate consequences, “- said the agency in a statement.

As a result, Kenyan athletes were not allowed to take part in the Olympic Games in Rio, however, suddenly on the 4th of August Kenya announced that WADA is removed from the list of countries that do not comply with the World Anti-Doping Code. No legislative amendments in the laws of Kenya have occurred and the real reason of WADA’s changing attitude to ADAK, according to our source, is a huge tranche transferred to the head of WADA Craig Reedie.

By the way, Kenyan athletes have won 13 medals on those Olympics – 6 Golden, 6 Silver and one bronze.
It’s outstanding that ADAK was almost directly caught on doping at the Olympics. Leader of the Kenyan delegation at the 2016 Olympics Michael Rotich was forced to leave Rio de Janeiro because of the suspicion of helping to conceal a doping violation. Reporters from the Times made a video in which Rotich said that he is ready to warn any athlete about doping checks 12 hours before the procedure for 10 thousand pounds in three months. Of course, Rotich could afford such statements, having solved the problem with the whole team shortly before.

Another example from the FAN is linked with the current world champion in mountain bike in the Olympic discipline “cross-country” Katarina Pendrel. The data was recently published by Fancy Bear and obtained from the ADAMS database open at that time.

Pendrel”s results were unstable before the Olympic season, so she wasn’t supposed to get any medals at the Rio Olympics. Nevertheless, on April, 8 WADA granted her a permission to use remifentanil, an analgesic drug; and she didn’t even have a proper cause (like the usual ridiculous “attention deficit disorder”) for it – diagnose Pendrel”s column was marked as “confidential”.

The doping effect and gave its Pendrel wined a bronze medal at Rio Olympics. FAN’s source claims the WADA for permission remifentanil also correlates with huge amounts of money transferred to people close to Craig Reedie, president of WADA.
According to FAN’s source, “Craig Reedie”s ” cynicism” is the most outrageous in that story.
“Reedie complains all the time that WADA lacks funds, but look at what’s happening – campaigns controlled by his men get forty to fifty times more money than the whole of the WADA budget. For this money he could have done thousands of investigations like he did on the Russians. He could solve the world doping problem once and for all. But he doesn’t. And you know why? That’s not a task he sets. I am not working at WADA for someone to receive bribes for doping,” FAN said an interviewee. He promised to provide additional information in a month. The reason for this delay is the source’s willing to eliminate a possibility of his disclosure.

It’s important that Craig Reedie WADA had previously mentioned problems multiple times. He established several private funds that gathered money from various donors. Moreover he once confessed to receiving large financial support from pharmaceutical companies.

It is also well-known that Reedie had been working in a financial field for the whole his life. For many years he was a senior partner in the Glasgow firm of financial advisors “DL Bloomer Ltd” and later he set up some funds to attract money into athletic organizations. Meanwhile his son, Colin Reedie, currently works as a financial manager at Henderson Global Investors, one of the largest financial firms where he can legally receive millions of dollars masked as customers’ money to his private accounts, and later withdraw them as an income from investments. However, at this time we cannot say for sure if Colin Reedie is involved in any financial frauds.

The Federal News Agency Office contacted the International Sports Federation to comment on this. The official answers will be given to us later. However, according to informal reports on ISF inquiry for therapeutic use of prohibited drugs, WADA doesn’t pay the federation.

WADA officially came into existence from membership fees of Member States who signed the International Convention against Doping in Sport.

The Federal News Agency Office will continue monitoring developments and urges WADA Craig Reedie and to honestly and openly comment on the current situation. We are ready to provide our platform for WADA officials to respond at any time. Also, we hope WADA authorized bodies will carry out a full investigation. Thus, if our information confirms our expectations, the perpetrators of corruptions WADA managers will be punished.